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Examples of College Admission Essays


Examples of College Admission Essays

When you feel being responsible for what you have to do, for some reason, you always take the false step. May be it happens due to your personal uncertainty, or may be because of excessive feeling of responsibility begets fear for failure in you. The one thing you should know for sure: the one constantly thinking of failure will certainly fail.

That is why we advise you be optimistic about your college admission essay. Another important thing we strongly recommend you do is to look through several examples of college admission essays.

There are three possible ways to look for examples of college admission essays:

  1. Search for “essays that worked” at the official website of the college you are going to enter. Usually they post the papers that impressed the admission officers most of all. So, you will get an idea of what they appreciate in a paper and what they expect from you.
  2. Seek examples of college admission essays on other educational websites. If these papers were written by the applicants entering some specific colleges (e.g. nursing college, business school, etc.), at least you are sure to understand the very gist of a successful admission essay. Why it was successful?
  3. Look for examples of college admission essays on the websites providing free academic papers. However, in this case you should be extremely careful. You cannot be sure that the essays they provide are good enough to serve you as models. Moreover, sometimes they are just papers written by usual students that were not even revised and edited carefully.

Once you have found a couple of examples of college admission essays, you need to examine them thoroughly in order to make sure they are worth of your attention. That is why once you are holding the examples of college admission essays at hands, answer the following questions:

  • How is the paper organized?
  • Does the author address the reader directly?
  • Does the author explain the reasons for why s/he decided to enter the chosen college?
  • Does s/he discuss the personal characteristics that might help him/her become successful at college?
  • What specific experience does the author share the reader with?
  • Are weak points of the author mentioned about as well as the strong ones?
  • Does the introduction seem to be catchy? Why?
  • Is the conclusion effective? What makes it be so?

Consider these points when examining the examples of college admission essays found.  Remember, you cannot copy out sentences, phrases, and even ideas from examples of college admission essays. It can be easily detected, and you will lose your chance to be accepted.