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The following expository essay sample is written on creative aspect of science.  This expository essay is a short excerpt from the large custom written essay.  Undoubtedly, this short sample does not provide a deep insight on the topic.  However, I am sure that you will definitely gain a fundamental understanding of how and what information should be included in your expository essay.

Expository essay sample on creative aspects of science in France, 17th century:

Emphasis on this creative aspect of science in seventeenth-century France should not cause us to forget that in many ways it was still a largely undefined and rather amateurish enterprise, carried on in an atmosphere of classical tradition, in the light of many ancient and unrefined ideas, with the aid of a multitude of persons whose capacity for science in any exact sense was rudimentary. Although it was a "Century of Genius" in Whitehead's phrase, it was also an age much given to looking back through Renaissance eyes towards the Golden Age of antiquity. The great men were still Archimedes, Hippocrates, Euclid, Galen, Ptolemy, and especially, for many, Aristotle. Even though they were still regarded as artisans rather than members of a profession, herbalists, pharmacists, and surgeons looked up to, and tried to imitate, those who read and followed the classics. New philosophers aligned themselves in accordance with the schools catalogued by Diogenes Laertius; more typical than Descartes' new method was Gassendi's massive effort to write the new knowledge of the age into the framework of Epicurus. In fact, much of the effort of the scientists of the time was directed towards continuation of lines of investigation and speculation revealed or suggested by philological study of classical texts.

The sense of a common effort served in many ways to unite the intellectual elements of the day. The active scientist might be able to explain natural phenomena better than the ancient writer; he could not as yet neglect the basic theories of his predecessor. As he studied and evaluated the classics, scientist or humanist showed certain qualities which came to be taken for granted, but which have become rarer in our day. In his local context, with his immediate preoccupations, he felt that he belonged to a long intellectual tradition which required that he be responsible to mankind, that his science should justify itself through utility and the improvement of man's lot. There was no wish to separate science from technology, indeed the distinction would hardly have been understood. Claude Perrault worked on the text of Vitruvius, because the study of an ancient architect aids, and is aided by, the building of modern palaces. His contemporary, the astronomer and physicist Adrien Auzout, not content with a critical reading of Perrault's commentary, turns a little later to Frontinus On Aqueducts to seek methods of restoring the waterworks of ancient Rome for modern needs.

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