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Extended Response Essay


The Response Is Easy: Writing an Extended Response Essay

Need to write an extended response essay quickly, correctly and with the best quality? Feeling puzzled? Looking for tips on how to write an extended response essay? This is easy when you know how to do it. The skilled writers usually start with composing an outline and then continue with writing the rest of the essay using the outline as an algorithm for building up the whole writing.

Tips on Writing Extended Response Essay

  • The text arrangement of your essay should reflect the outline. Each point of the outline must correspond to one logical part of the essay.
  • The essay should not be too long or too short. In fact, what you are to do to write a good extended response essay is to make a short survey into the works dedicated to the topic you are given and make your own writing on this topic.
  • When writing an extended response essay, concentrate your attention upon the problematic issue you are given. Brainstorm it, analyze the possible methods of solution. Start writing after you have brainstormed and planned your essay.
  • An extended response essay is designed to show the student’s skill in writing research papers and doing the research, so you should do your best to demonstrate your skill of doing the research. You should also avoid the lexis of functional styles other than scientific. This does not mean that you must sound as bookish as possible, of course. The simpler your lexis is the better.

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