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Family Essay on Happiness


Family Essay

Family essay has traditionally been considered a minor student's work in comparison with the research paper or thesis writing projects. Moreover, many students pay less attention to family essay writing because they believe that the teacher will like their essay anyway. It is a mistake to think this way. It is even a greater mistake to believe that your teacher does not pay attention to the originality of the text and the harmony of composition. Family essay writing is an integral part of the learning process. Nevertheless, family essay writing is an integral part of the learning process. Working on family essay, students build the skills to create the more serious works. That's why students need to know how to write family essay qualitatively.

Even though family essay is mostly a personal writing, you may want to use secondary sources to exemplify or support your points. If you are using additional information for writing family essay, take the following advices into account:

  • Books and articles must not be copied word by word in the family essay because essay is not the synopsis.
  • Based on the fact that the systematization of information is very important, a single source may not be sufficient
  • You should synthesize the material obtained from sources, rather than survey the books

Family Essay Hints

A better understanding of the topic and memorization of useful information is the goal of the essay writing. Moreover, when students are working on the essay, they are developing the organizational skills and tenacity, which are useful not only in school but also in the later life. If you are writing a family essay, you still need to narrow the topic enough to focus for writing. Here are some advices on how to choose the topic for familyessay:  

  1. Should not be too popular - your work may be accused of banality.
  2. Should not be too exotic - you may have trouble finding literature on the subject.
  3. Should not be too complex - you can not disclose it in such a work as an essay.
  4. Should be of interest to you, at least, a little bit, otherwise, you will be working hard on it.

Examples of Family Essay Topics

  1. Family Business: Challenges and Opportunities
  2. Theoretical Aspects of Family Therapy
  3. Extended Family and Nuclear Family
  4. Family Value
  5. What Is A Family?
  6. Family Violence Creates Violent Societies
  7. Family Diversity
  8. Evolution Of Family
  9. Family as The Cornerstone of American Society
  10. The American Family: Dynamically Adaptive or Consistently Declining?

Examples of Happiness Essay Topics

  1. Happiness: A State Of Being
  2. Is Happiness Overrated?
  3. Happiness and Virtue
  4. Happiness Is The Only Emotion That Humans Desire For Its Own Sake?
  5. Pursuit of Happiness: A Fleeting Moment Of Self-Satisfaction
  6. Intimacy and Happiness
  7. Plato's Theory Of Absolute Happiness
  8. Confucius and Plato's Vies of Society and Happiness
  9. Should We Die To Achieve Happiness, or Find The Purpose of Our Life?
  10. Does Money Bring Happiness?

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