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Free Admission Essay


Free Admission Essay: Friend or Foe?

Obviously, you know that you have to write an essay in order to enter college or university. So, there is no need to explain you peculiarities of the process of making this task. It is clear that:

  • You are provided with a topic (usually it is a statement or a question you gave to discuss and express your thoughts on);
  • You have to write your essay taking into account the paper writing format;
  • You should submit it in the proper way within the set term;
  • Admission officers check your essay and make their decision about your admitting.

However, let’s revert to the 2nd point!

Can you write an admission essay?

Would-be students often appear to be unable to write their admission essays. There may be quite different reasons for that. When looking for any way of solving their problem many of these young people try to make use of free admission essays.

What are free admission essays? Can they really help in admission essay writing? Let’s discuss the matter!

A free admission essay is an essay that has been written according to the general admission writing format and placed on a web-site. If you search in the Internet, you will find lots of such papers. Any person may download any of them free of charge. However, what consequences may such an action cause?

Free admission essay: hidden threat

  • Actually the fact that any person may get a free admission essay without any restrictions demonstrates no advantages of this way of essay writing. This means that any of other young people applying for the same college, university or high school may get the essay that you are going to get.
  • Who has written the paper you are going to submit as your own one? What informational sources have been used in writing it? Can this paper be a plagiary? You cannot know definite answers for these questions. Hence, you may be accused of plagiarizing.
  • Do you have any free time for checking the free admission essay you have found in the Internet? Actually you should pay attention to this point. You cannot be confident of the absence in the paper as no one guarantees you that. So if you submit the free admission essay without proof-reading it, you may have problems as well.

Thus, a free admission essay may make you harm rather than help you. If you decide to make use of such a paper trying to solve your problem, you should think over your decision.