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Free Cause and Effect Essays


Free Cause and Effect Essays: Reasons to Avoid

If you have to write a cause and effect essay, it means that your task it to describe something and to explore the reasons why it happened and what are the effects of it. Sometimes, the process of cause and effect essays writing may be devastating, especially when you have no idea how to write cause/effect essay, unsure which topic to choose, and do not know how to proceed with the whole assignment.

For this reason, many students hope to find good free cause and effect essays to help themselves with writing process.  Of course, there are thousands of free cause and effect essays posted on the net; however, you should be very careful with those essays as there are many issues to take into account. The most obvious one is plagiarism  - when you use free cause and effect essays, you use information without giving it a credit. Some students copy free essays and submit them as their own. As the result, they get zero for the course.

You do not want to risk your academic career, do you? Let’s examine the difference between free cause and effect essays and professionally written custom college essays.

Custom College Essays vs. Free Cause and Effect Essays

  • Free cause and effect essays have many mistakes and you will spend a lot of time trying to clean up the text. Custom cause and effect essays are written by professional essay writers who do not make stupid mistakes and who take care of your academic career.
  • Free cause and effect essays can be used by any person who has the Internet. It means that free essays are plagiarized. Custom cause and effect essays are written from scratch. Thus, you get 100% original essay which fits your requirements perfectly.
  • Free cause and effect essays are of the topic. Indeed, free essays are not written for you and you may waste your valuable time on useless search for the exact essay. Stop wasting your time – order custom cause and effect essay and you will get a written piece tailored to your specific topic requirements.


You should be aware that many sites post free cause and effect essays to get the attention of their potential customers. In other words, you read the free sample and make a decision to buy custom writing services. However, think for a moment – who writes those free essays and whether they are truly free?

The truth is that those essays were written for customers who paid money for custom writing. When some time passed, the essays they have paid for become free samples posted by company online! We think it is not fair for customers to have their papers posted online as samples.

Unlike other companies, we do not resell written cause and effect essays and we do not turn your custom written papers into free samples online!