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Free College Education Essay


College education should be free to all

Today, when the essence of education differs from the past, education and technology are intrinsically linked to each other. From one side, technology is regarding as a tool enhancing the quality of studying experience. From the other side, emphasis on technology is blamed for the lack of interpersonal contact in the process of learning. Moreover, in some countries both quality of education and technology are improving while in other states the progress does not occur. What are the reasons of this difference in progress? One of the evident reasons is increasing education fees. Today education is very expensive and people living in the underdeveloped countries are not able to afford paying the tuition fee. The solution to this problem is rather evident as well: the governments throughout the world should work on the program to make education free and accessible for all.  Free education encourages people to learn and fosters the economic and social progress on the global level.

If education throughout the world is made free, young people will be inner motivated to learn better. Free education will empower young people to go to colleges and universities, to acquire new skills and knowledge and to obtain the profession. Thousands of teenagers around the world are not educated only because they have no funds for education. Many of them have to work to help their families cope with poverty. They have certain obligations that are more important to them than education. Even in the developed countries where the economic situation is better, young people may prefer working to studying because of the need to repay debts or insufficient family income.

Free education would relieve young people of the need to sacrifice their studying for the sake of extra income.  Moreover, free education would give all students an equal chance to pursue an academic degree and help themselves make ambitious plans for the future. Higher education means better income and a chance to get out of poverty. In global terms, free education is the most effective strategy to end worldwide poverty.  Educated people have more chances to get a good job with a good salary. Many professions require specific knowledge and skills that can be obtained at the universities or colleges only. Thus, free education gives young people a hope for better future.

The second reason why education should be made free is inability of all families to pay the tuition fees. As one third of the global population lives below the poverty line, education is a privilege or a dream for many children. If education is made free, it will become the fundamental right protected by law. Under the system of free education, all students, despite of their economic wellbeing, will be able to get knowledge they strive for. In this regard, free education helps reduce economic disparity in the global society because it gives poor students a chance to work out of poverty through getting knowledge.

It is important to mention that there are thousands of gifted students who never make it to college or university due to financial constraints. They are gifted to become prominent scientists or politicians, economists or researchers, but they have no chance to develop their potential due to their inability to cover education fees. When smart people are deprived of the opportunity to get education, society is impoverished. Free education will allow timely identification of the gifted students and provide them with necessary support.  In overall, free education will make the global community more educated, more knowledgeable, more professional, and more productive. The social benefits of free education are many and undeniable.

Finally, free education establishes the path for the society modernization as educated people make significant contribution to their societies. When there is no need to leave their poor countries with the hope to get support with studying abroad, academically talented young people will stay in their native countries and work for the betterment of the situation in their country.  In other words, educated people will lead their countries out of poverty and economic depression. Educated people are more innovative, productive, and success-oriented. If their country gives them a chance to get education, they are motivated to make their countries better as well. When education is free, people will become more skilled and be able to find better employment. It will reduce unemployment rates and levels of crime in communities. The poverty will decrease as well.

In conclusion, free education has many advantages for the global community as it will give talented and motivated young people an opportunity to change their lives and lead their countries out of poverty. When the number of people who have access to free education is equal to 100%, the society is able to overcome any challenge, face any problem, and solve any dilemma. Educated people are the valuable assets for their countries.  Free education is the most effective strategy to eliminate disparities such as learning, cultural, social, and economic gaps between the populations. 

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