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Don’t Take Them Into Your Head!

Undoubtedly, the most serious problem in student life is plagiarism. Free college essays are so popular nowadays because the Internet expands its boundaries to the cosmic scale.

Plagiarized essays are always on the top of discussions. However, there is always an exit out in the form of professional writing services.

Actually, 50% of writing services use the method of garbled version of initial essays, taking free samples and examples which can be downloaded by any person. Then, they change some words and delivery free college essays as custom written. It is something many students would like to avoid.

Our professional custom college essay writing services are absolutely different as we guarantee original writing from scratch and we do not plagiarize. We reference all sources properly and we are ready to provide copies of used materials upon your request. No other site gives you the same service for free!

What Are The Worst Traits Of Free College Essays?

We understand that free college essays have more benefits than paid custom essays; however, you should also understand that everything that you pay is for quality and short terms and everything that you economize on will bring you many troubles such rewriting, copywriting, putting together parts of different free college essays, and revising numerous mistakes. Therefore, we want to warn you about the danger of free college essays:

  • In most cases, free college essays do not meet requirements of academic essay writing.
  • In 90% of cases, free college essays are 100% plagiarized and have nothing to do with original writing.
  • Free college essays are almost never related to your specific topic and requirements.
  • In many cases, free college essays contain out-of-date information, statistics, and wrong citations.

8 Features Of The Best College Essay:

  1. It has a relevant and interesting topic.
  2. It has proper academic structure.
  3. It has the thesis sentence, transitional sentences.
  4. It uses formal language, is clear of slang, short forms of words, etc.
  5. It is well-written and presents the evidence of deep research and understanding.
  6. Its formation is correct, mistakes are not found, and mistyped words are not identified.
  7. Its ideas are in the right sequence and there is an explanation after each citation.
  8. It does not grate on ears while reading aloud.

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