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Free essay on childhood


Free essay on childhood

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The deaf child was overtly involved in the marital difficulties in a number of cases. This was most evident in the area of sexual relationships. Seven parents stated that they would never have any more children. Four of them had only one child, the deaf one. The conscious reasons given were fear of having another handicapped child, that a deaf child made too much work, cost too much, or would have a bad effect on subsequent children. Religious conflicts arose between Roman Catholic parents, whose church forbids contraception.

It was clear, however, in some cases that the deafness was only acting as a scapegoat. For example, one father, when interviewed together with his wife, said that they would never take the risk of conceiving another deaf child; later when seen alone, he confided, "That is not the real reason. My wife cannot stand children; she is not fit to be a mother. My house is full of her relatives. No one is on speaking terms. I only go home at week ends." It is not difficult to imagine how much blame for her frustration may have been projected on to the deaf child by the wife.

These considerations are not sufficient to explain the high rate of marital difficulty in the parents of the hearing-handicapped children. In the diabetic controls nineteen out of twenty marriages were satisfactory, although the fear of genetic transmission existed in that disease also. The only reasonable hypothesis seems to be that the constant nervous strain caused by the presence in the home of a nonspeaking deaf child lowers the parents' threshold of annoyance. Difficulties which other couples take in their stride may, in these homes, loom as formidable problems. Minor disagreements may lead to major explosions when nerves are constantly on the stretch.

The childhood experience of the parents was assessed as satisfactory or unsatisfactory in order to see whether this factor was related to the high incidence of unhappy homes among the deaf. The same standards were used as in evaluating the marital situations. Factual material such as divorce, separation, early parental deaths, alcoholism, or marital infidelity was taken as evidence of an unhappy home. Marked poverty by itself was not counted. Nor were clinical impressions of the psychiatrist, when they were contrary to the parents' expressed opinion; as, for example, when a mother described her own childhood as happy, but subsequently spoke, at length and in bitter terms, of her mother.

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