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Free Essay on Premarital Sex


Free Essay on Premarital Sex

Premarital sex is one of the social topics which are rather uncommon for discussion. The issue itself is debatable as modern females do not consider virginity as something to be proud of. In addition, the attitude of society towards sexual relationships has significantly changed with less importance being attributed to virginity and purity of women.

Nevertheless, if you are given an assignment to write an essay on marital sex, you may explore different aspects of this topic. Here are several suggestions.

Suggests on Essay Topics on Premarital Sex

  1. Social opinion on premarital sex
  2. U.S. sex values vs. Arabian sex values
  3. The importance of sex and marriage in different societies
  4. The right to decide on the own body
  5. The degradation of moral and social values
  6. Premarital sex and pregnancies among teenagers
  7. HIV/AIDS as factors in premarital sex decision
  8. The role of society in reducing premarital sex
  9. Is premarital sex immoral and unethical?
  10. Who is responsible for the unsafe sex among teenagers?

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Free Essay Sample on Premarital Sex

It is very common in our days to have premarital sex, and very rare to find a man or a woman that has preserved his/her virginity till marriage. Many cultures, religions and mentalities believe that premarital sex should not be! For many other it is something very common and absolutely normal. If a person has a sexual relation before marriage in a culture that opposes it, that person will be disrespected for by many especially for girls, and if a person keeps his/her virginity till marriage or to a certain age people may also make fun of it. So it is important for people to come to a clear and right understanding for premarital sex.

For some it is an absolutely normal thin to have a sexual relation before marriage such mentalities are mostly common in western societies; as a result a high average of people getting divorced after few years of marriage the reason for that is that they don't attract each other any more, they get bored of each other and that causes problems which then leads to divorce. More over how many cases of unwanted pregnancy will result when it is accepted by the hall society to have sex at the age of eighteen some parents know that their sun or daughter will get laid at there prom night, and they have no problem with it on the contrary, for them that stage is the border between girl and woman. Aids, unwanted pregnancy, and many other problems result when such a precious thing as a sexual relation becomes very easy to get sex is no longer precious.

On the other hand in eastern societies mostly the Arab world premarital sex will cost one honor and respect, in Christian religion it is considered as a sin in some Muslim countries such as Saudi of Arabia it is a serious crime that deserve jail penalty and even worst penalties. What happens when sex is that much restricted? Well simply man become obsessed and will do any sort of thing to get sex, some times rape or even get married for no reason for more than a sexual relation. Moreover the obsession can grow to a point that just looking at an average seducing girl warring regular clothing will give the man wired ideas.