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Free Essays Online: Reasons to Avoid Them

There are many, very many sites offering free essays to get the attention of the students in need of well-written essays. Those sites give you an opportunity to review free pre-written essays which are posted online as samples available for free access by any person, including your teacher.

Similarly, there are many students who download or copy/paste those free essays and submit them as their own, as if they have written those free essays themselves. What is the outcome of such unwise decision? In most cases, instructors use plagiarism detecting software to identify the percentage of the plagiarized content in students’ essays. Imagine the results of the situation when your instructor finds out that your essay is 100% plagiarized. You will not get an A, for sure.

Some smart students take free essays and try to modify them to fit their specific topic. Yes, it is true that most of the essays do not fit your specific essay topic or research question. Therefore, modifications are necessary. Thus, you end up with the situation when you try to replace irrelevant content with more suitable information. In the result of such modification, your essay is nothing more than trash because paragraphs do not flow, your ideas do not make sense, and your teacher is very disappointed.

Is there a way out? Yes – Custom College Essay Writing!

Of course, there is a significant difference between custom written and free essays. Let us examine several important aspects of making a choice between free essay and custom essay writing service.

  1. Price

Free essays are free of charge and you do not have to pay anything to get those. Custom essay writing is a paid service and is rather expensive. However, we offer you numerous pricing options, discounts, and seasonal sales which help you save your money while still having an opportunity to take advantage of professional assistance

  1. Quality

Free essays are of poor quality while custom written essays are tailored to your specific topic requirements, academic level, research questions, formatting rules, and all other vital aspects of academic writing which determine the final grade for your writing assignments.

  1. Plagiarism

Free essays are 100% plagiarized because they are posted online and your instructor can easily locate them. Custom written essays are absolutely plagiarism-free as they are written from scratch by professional writer in full accordance to your instructions and requirements.

  1. Guarantees

Of course, free essays have no guarantees attached and you assume enormous risk submitting them as your own. Custom essays are risk-free because they come with refund guarantee, free revisions upon request, and complete confidentially protection.