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Free history essays

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This essentially African culture might have remained barren at this stage of development, as it did in the Sudan for much longer, if it had not been fertilized by vigorous contacts from Asia whence some significant introductions now came. Copper tools and weapons, for instance, become more common, though flint continues to be used in Egypt for centuries in such processes as the grinding of stone vessels, the carving of ivory, and the reaping of grain. The introduction of the techniques of copper-working may have stimulated the Egyptians to gain control of Sinai and the Arabian desert where in historical times their main ore deposits were mined. But other influences from farther afield also appear during this later phase of the Prehistoric period. Such techniques as building with rectangular sun-dried mud-bricks, imprinting clay with cylinder-seals, the use of certain new styles of ornamentation, and the first attempts at a pictographic system of writing have been traced by some scholars to a Mesopotamian source.

While these innovations coincide with a drift of broad-headed peoples, perhaps originally from Anatolia or Syria, into the Southern regions to modify the long-headed Hamites, they have no appearance of being imposed by conquest. All the evidence is that this spread of foreign influence in the fourth millennium B.C., like that in the second, came from the North, but our picture of conditions in the Delta at this period is pitifully inadequate. It seems valid, however, to suggest that most of these innovations came through a sudden intensification of culture-contacts in the Eastern Mediterranean as a result of the invention of the sea-going ship, a factor which may have induced the almost simultaneous flowering of the Cretan and Egyptian civilizations. The development of wooden ships able to sail the tideless Mediterranean must have occurred outside Egypt in a large timber-growing area with an extensive seaboard, and the evidence points to Byblos in the Lebanon as the centre of this new industry.

Trading contacts would be quite sufficient to account for an enhanced infiltration of different ideas and techniques which could be adapted by the Egyptians to their own peculiar conditions. It was at this point that a Mediterranean Bronze Age culture was grafted on to a native African stock to produce the essential Egyptian civilization. The isolation of Egypt in the Near East during ancient times has been much exaggerated. She shared a common trade, technology, and material culture with her neighbours and while strongly influenced by them, also influenced them in turn. The distinctive character that her civilization took was almost entirely due to its political institutions and these as we shall see came from an African component.

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