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Free persuasive essay

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Free persuasive essay sample:

Child rearing by the old tends often to be authoritarian, for age has learned and is positive about many things, which makes for impatience with childhood and youth, and their eagerness to learn and experiment with life. Age may be disillusioned, too, for time teaches the futility of many dreams, while youth alone knows better than the verdict of the centuries. There is this, however, in favor of elders, that long experience shows many of the problems of the young to be transitional, phases of the growing-up process, to be taken in patient stride, like measles and the chicken pox. And elders tire more easily, especially nervously, and are inclined to accept adjustments which make for peace. Age loves the quiet, which has its exactions as well as its opportunities for youth.

Much depends, in the last analysis, upon how elders operate. They may be authoritarian, dogmatic, insistent, impatient, intolerant, and domineering. They may have developed a pathological distrust of people and of life, seeking to force this attitude upon the young or trying to manage the children's social relations on the basis of that distrust. Such attitudes tend to create rebellion in their charges, and a rejection of authority as it is personified for them. But if elders are happy and patient and tactful, they can bring the best of the past into close rapport with the eagerness of youth. The time span between two or three generations is not an easy one to bridge: much depends on how the task is approached and in what spirit.

Parents in the middle-age span, constituting the second group who rear children, reveal most of the distinctions that have been pointed out about elders, but many of them exist in lesser degree. The basic fact about this group is that they stand at a different place in the life cycle, and hence view many things from a different vantage point. Moreover, they are still striving. They are the present possessors, not the former manipulators. They are striving for themselves, and usually even more so for their children. Life is still an unfinished book, and the next chapter must be an improvement over the present one. To this end, the past is incidental. The wisdom of yesteryear is horse-and-buggy lore. The ways of the grandparent are rejected; the pediatrician, the psychologist, the psychiatrist know far better. Child rearing is sidewise and competitive, to be measured by what the neighbors do. "The man on the radio says." Children are put under pressure, especially by middle-class parents. Comparisons with other children are constant; impersonal aids rather than loving hands constitute the main reliance.

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