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Free Short Essays


Free Short Essays Advantages and Disadvantages

From the first year of study students are asked to write short essays. This assignment counts less than 10 pages, and should contain answers to the relevant questions and have no derivations from the topic and subject discussion. Sometimes students should answer several questions and in every paragraph they are expected to disclose one or another phenomenon.

There are many types of written assignments which students should write well; therefore sometimes students cannot manage to write everything in time and on the high grade. That is why they address to the sites, which provide them with free short essays, type of the written assignments. Such essays, which are free of charge have own advantages and disadvantages, which we will discuss in this article.

So, The First Issue Is Disadvantages:

  • Free short essays may not correspond to the topic you need. In this case you may find many essays and rewrite them according to your structure and topic.
  • Free short essays have some mistakes and incorrect information. In this case you will have to work hard on the finding proper information and correct some wrong places.
  • Free short essays may be out-dated. When you are in such situation, you would better write it yourself, because time spent on the collecting fresh information may be double as much than you can write independently.

The Second Issue Is Advantages:

  • Free short essays may help you to choose the right topic of your essay. However, this principal is effective when you have read a thousand of them and understood that you will write on a certain topic, which was discussed in the first or second essay.
  • Free short essays may present you an example of structure. However, the correct structure is not a frequent thing in them, because writers who distribute free short essays may be not interested in the writing free of charge and they do not do their best in writing. They make copies of some pages and give you for downloading.
  • Free short essays may help you to find the necessary information, because they are used as the tags for a user. You may find a Section “Order” for example, and it is the best advantage, which you may have.

Free short essays may be on different tastes and have many topics and pages, but they do not have the most important element of writing – originality of thoughts. PLAGIARIZM characterizes them in the best way, because they are displayed for the general observation.

A lot of students all over the world can download free short essays and use on their assignments. Instructors are so smart people that they have invented their tool for checking rewritten assignments – programs which check essays for plagiarism.

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