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Gay marriage essay


Gay marriage essay

Gay marriage essay writing is interesting and challenging at the same time.  Despite of your opinion about and attitude toward gays in general, your teacher may ask you to write about gay marriage issue.  For example, gay marriage essay can be written about the rights of gays, physiology vs. psychology, traditional family values, etc.  The range of focused topics is rather wide.  Please read the following gay marriage essay sample. I hope it will give some interesting ideas on how to write your own gay marriage essay.

…The labeling threatens extended intimacy at most turns. Male gay marriage is not the least affected. American attitudes render any closeness between males suspect. When two men live together for any period of time, hold hands in public, dance together, kiss, embrace, or even spend a great deal of time together, public conscience immediately accuses. How different it is for the female. If two men do marry, the relationship is not supported legally, religiously, or socially. Their relationship has no tax breaks, and public celebration of the marriage is not permitted--two supports for straight marriage. On the contrary, married men often must fear for their jobs, reputations, parents' love, and friends' respect. The bar subculture does not build their relationship up, and they have neither children nor public opinion to keep them together. In fact, most public values and norms encourage the destruction of their marriage. Is it any wonder that many gay men claim that all they really have and need is love, even if this does fudge somewhat?

The lesbians' problems are certainly different. The female tendency to mix affection with sexual expression is not the only factor in reducing instability. Lesbians don't offend the public conscience as much. Who interrogates two women holding hands, kissing, or living together? Of course, these activities don't infallibly betray homosexual relationships. But the fact is: no one considers them queer. This less violent reaction to lesbianism in our society jibes with cross-cultural information. Julia Brown reveals that only 33 percent of the societies she measured punish female homosexuality. Strikingly, 68 percent of those societies punish the male. The implication is not that the lesbian has an easy time in our society. This is decidedly not the case. The lesbian does encounter, however, less severe condemnation than the male does. The lighter stigma may account for the relatively high degree of self-acceptance among lesbians.

In summary, a great variety exists in the gay world. Diversity prevails in occupation, cultural background, economic level, religion, and psychological adjustment. Female and male life-styles, subculture, and social acceptance also differ. But, at the same time, patterns emerge, especially in relation to lesbian and male marriages. Factors at the psychophysical, personal, and social levels help to account for the relative instability in male relationships. But variety is always around the corner. Additional information may uncover more stability in the male gay world and less stability in the female. Yet the contrast between them will remain significant. Certainly, further understanding will call for commitment both to the intricate processes and to the striking variety in homosexual experience….

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