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With the passage of time, the words "science" and "scientist" (the latter suggested in 1840 by the Rev. William Whewell of Cambridge University) have lost some of their savor. Although twentiethcentury man no longer sees a promise of inevitable happiness in science and its works, he cannot deny science its importance, or refuse the necessity of understanding it. In literature, practically no school or considerable author today regards science as offering a necessary or even a particularly important analytical or expository method, or an ideal or valid criterion for aesthetic or moral judgment. In certain genres, in dealing with certain aspects of human affairs, the technique of using scientific language is one of many skills to be acquired and adopted, valuable in analyzing certain sequences and patterns of events. Thus at various times scientific words have been useful; one recalls the vogue about 1900 of the idea of evolution and Ferdinand Brunetière's application of the word, misleading and erroneous as it was, to the history of literary genres. Other words and concepts, from psychology and medicine (complex, fixation, symptom, diagnosis) and from physics and chemistry (electric, lens, magnetic, catalyst, filter, synthetic, crystallize), have sometimes been useful in permitting a more exact analysis, a new look at the sequences, the processes and struggles, of the kind of material an author uses, and have undoubtedly encouraged a degree of impersonal objectivity in so far as such phrases have been able to replace old and well-worn--and therefore vague--formulae.

In other respects, science has permitted, as Professor Deutsch has suggested, the exploration in literature of new areas of human interest, and thus has become a province of the literary heritage, subject, like all other parts of that increasing storehouse, to the ebb and flow of popular taste. Plays like that of François de Curel, La Nouvelle Idole, whose title suggests its ideological slant, and Bernard Shaw The Doctor's Dilemma, brought scientific discussion in more or less dilute form to the modern stage; the novel by Paul Bourget, Le Disciple, uses a highly melodramatic plot as a basis for a full, if somewhat biased, discussion of the morality of modern science.

The chief phenomenon, however, in this area, is Jules Verne, whose long list of scientific romances sprang from a serious effort to anticipate the technological applications of the sciences currently in full development. Submarines, airships of several patterns, countless mechanical devices, are suggested and utilized in his novels, in such profusion that these books in turn are known to have influenced the scientific vocations of many young men, among them Simon Lake and Georges Claude, and the navigators Charcot and Bernard Franck.

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