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Holocaust essays


Holocaust Essays

It is hard to write Holocaust essays because of the high level of subjectivity involved.  In other words, you can easily be trapped into your own opinion on Holocaust.  Holocaust essays should be objective, based on reliable sources and meet academic requirements.  Below is a good sample of Holocaust essay:

…One surprising lesson came from the discovery that the initial anamnesis frequently contained the information that the patient was either a survivor or a child of a survivor, and the fact was never mentioned again. It was later learned that this failure to mention the Holocaust represented, from the point of view of the patient, a transfer of the pact of silence that prevailed in the home to the therapeutic situation, and from that of the therapist, an unconscious and understandable aversion to being engulfed in Holocaust memories. It was observed that after the presentation of a case and discussion of the problems involved, Holocaust material began to emerge in the dreams and memories of the patients, suggesting that they were waiting for a signal from the therapist to speak about these matters. The reaction to an interpretation as permission to speak has been demonstrated by V. H. Rosen —a contribution that indicates that some patients, not necessarily survivors, need to wait for such a signal.

It is customary in psychoanalysis to subsume such reactions under the term countertransference. However, the term does not seem altogether appropriate to describe the responses considered here. Countertransference refers to a response evoked in the therapist by the analysand—which is based on the patient's standing unconsciously for an object in the therapist's past who had prompted similar reactions. The patient may also represent an aspect of the therapist's self-representation which is currently repressed and projected onto the patient. The behavior of some patients may also evoke powerful defenses on the part of analysts, making it necessary for the latter to ward off intense instinctual impulses. What happened in the extermination camps goes beyond the repressed instinctual wishes of the therapist. The therapist must experience in an attenuated form the trauma endured by the patient. Goethe, in an oft-quoted aphorism, said that he never heard of a crime that he could not imagine himself committing; but he spoke more than a century before the ex termination camps. While it does happen that hearing about concentration camps may evoke sadistic or masochistic wishes, this is rarely the important point. What is typical is the evocation, first, of disbelief and, then, of mourning that such organized cruelty was indeed possible in our time…

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