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Honesty Essay


Honesty essay

Honesty essay can be descriptive or narrative.  Writing honesty essay, you can freely express your opinion on what does it mean to be an honest person. Alternatively, you may discuss an abstract meaning of the term honesty. This page includes a short honesty essay sample. It is written about honesty in business relations. If you need help with writing your own honesty essay, you may use our writing services. Our writers are always ready to help you with writing!

The farm groups expressed much concern about honesty in business relations, but recognized many difficulties and complications in practice. The expectation of friends, neighbors, and the community was felt to have a great deal to do with the standards of honesty in rural areas. A searchlight plays on one's conduct there. The reports from some farm groups indicate the persistence of a traditional presumption of higher moral standards in agricultural than in other communities, but this attitude could not be attributed to all the farm groups. Persons engaged in other occupations and professions also are not generally inclined to underrate the moral standards prevalent in their own respective fields.

In a summary of the discussions of three farm groups in one Midwestern state, carefully prepared by a committee of participants, moral standards in both business and farming today were regarded as "higher than formerly." (There was some dissent in one group.) Farmers were said to have "taken the lead in setting up standards of quality for their products," which was "accomplished through stronger organization." But, it was admitted, "the question how this power is to be used is creating moral problems." Some areas were listed in which "farmers commonly encounter moral tensions": Farm organizations as pressure groups Joiners vs. nonjoiners of farm organizations Farmers inside vs. outside a milk shed or other limited market Signers vs. nonsigners of governmental programs Price-cutting below current market prices Religious differences and conflicts. Conflicts with city people over hunting, garbage disposal, "high" food prices.

"The principle that honesty is the best policy is commonly accepted among farm groups," it was agreed; but its varying application in practice was noted. For "in the face of similar temptations farmers are inclined to behave very much like other groups," and "farmers who are not fundamentally honest will attempt deception in numerous ways." Among these ways were mentioned putting their best wheat "where they know testing will be made," putting the "best apples, potatoes, berries on top of the basket," and "holding up prices by keeping products off the market" or, on the other hand, "pricing their products below cost of production." In regard to the last-mentioned problem, the three groups "were unanimous" in wanting "orderly marketing of farm products so that both producer and consumer may share" the advantages of adequate production and fair prices.

Farmers were credited with "strikingly few abuses in the use of loans from federal agencies," as shown by "the records of repayments." And it was felt that "farmers are overcoming distrust of others . . . not only in their own neighborhoods but also between regions in this country and even across the world."

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