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Hospitality Research Papers


Hospitality Research Papers: Are you a good host?

Using layman’s language, hospitality is a special term that describes a process of communication and shows the relationships between an owner and guest. Both sides should know everything about hospitality customs in order to feel mutual comfort.

During the hospitality research paper writing, you should consider two types of people: those who prefer to host the guests and those who want to be in a role of visitors. In fact, the people of the first category should organize everything in the best way that guests would be proud of visiting you and repeating it in the future. In additions, hospitality is a kind and generous care for people who need some help.

However, the main meaning of hospitality is equal to the local culture, and examination of certain culture will allow you to know everything about hospitality customs in different parts of the world.

Hospitality Research Papers: Hospitality in different geographical regions

First, we may start from the hospitality traditions in several cultural countries:

  • India – as Indians say, the guest for them is like a God in disguise. Indians traditionally treat the guests very carefully and kindly in order to show you their sincere hospitality and they make everything for visitor’s comfort. Get to know more about Indian culture here:;
  • Turkey - Indigenous are very polite; Turkish people always happy to see a guest and no matter whether a person is invited or not; people in Turkey just come to see each other, and do it without permission;
  • North Africa and Algeria – here guests are welcomed every time. It does not matter what religious, political or social status you have. Perhaps it is the matter of course for local people to treat any guest with the highest comfort;
  • America – in fact, in the USA everything depends on people’s local culture and mood; one day Americans have a good mood and they are happy to see the guests, but their mood is quite changeable; if you are a good friend of the host, so you may not be worried about sudden visitation to him/her;
  • Spain - Spanish people are intelligent and smart; besides, they are very emotional and passionate; that is why on the first meeting Spanish signora usually expects a kiss on the cheek greeting from her gentleman. If you do not respond them in kindness, they would consider such behavior as impolite or insulting; Spanish people prefer to invite the guests themselves;

Despite the variety of cultures, traditions, customs, and nationalities the most people in our world are hospitable and polite to the guests. Actually, a decent owner always says “Hey, I am glad to see you here!” to every visitor, even if he comes without invitation and you do not want to speak with him at the moment. A public wisdom says, “Treat people the way you want them to treat you”. Order papers on hospitality and related topics on our essay and paper help website.

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