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How To Become A Writer


How to Become a Writer?

The formidable "foreign language" of research fences off many teachers from the exciting frontiers of educational thought, and the resulting paucity of teacher-researcher intercommunication impedes professional progress.

Hence, constructing basic bridges of information to help students comprehend the terminology and tactics of the research world is of paramount importance to society.

Pioneers have struggled to erect some spans of understanding from both sides of the academic river, but a free flow of intellectual traffic to and from the classroom and the laboratory has not been achieved.

Popularized works that present deceptively oversimplified accounts of scientific endeavors ignite sparks of interest that flicker brightly but soon fade away. Writers, who wish to travel further into the hinterlands of research, are left stumbling in the darkness, because insufficient illumination has been given to guide them.

The technical books are those, which discuss the procedures and techniques employed in various types of studies, and the results of scientific research projects provide a firmer foundation for understanding the complexities of scientific investigations.

Nevertheless, many inexperienced writers, who plunge enthusiastically into these works quickly become perplexed and panic because too many of the signposts are unintelligible to them.

The Keys to Becoming a Good Writer: Read Books!

  • To become a good writer you need to read and to write a lot.
  • Writer should read not also entertaining literature, novels or poems, inexperienced writer must read scientific literature and to know how to write papers. How to become a writer you may read in many books.
  • Scientific books extend a helping hand to the new writers. Book exposition proceeds from the familiar and concrete to the abstract. The viewpoint of those, who are approaching the systematic study of research for the first time is constantly kept in mind.
  • To aid a novice writer, who has a limited background in psychology, logic, and mathematics, the books link scientific terminology and tactics to their everyday experiences.
  • Through illustrations of commonplace activities in classroom and life situations, books explore techniques that men have devised to solve problems. With a minimum of technical jargon and some carefully constructed steppingstones of understanding, scientific books introduce writers to the psychological and logical foundations of scientific investigation. As the chapters unfold, they acquaint English writers with the goals, basic assumptions, limitations, and language of scientists - with the way researchers’ talks and how their minds work in getting results. Many scientific books impart what Conant calls for in Science and Common Sense: some knowledge of the "tactics and strategy of writing" and of "what writers can and cannot accomplish."

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