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How To Write A Grant


How To Write A Grant: What Should You Know?

Grant is a sum of money meant for financing some activity or facility. As a rule, the grant doesn’t need to be paid back. Different organizations and federal agencies sponsor various grant programs.

If you decide to develop a grant proposal, the first things you should know are to understand the goals of the private organization or particular federal agency as well as a grant program itself. It is not easy to write a good research grant proposal.

How To Write A Grant Proposal: The Main Components

Now, let us see how to write a grant proposal and what components it includes. You may see at any free sample of grant that it has the following components:

  • Executive Summary
  • Statement of Need
  • Project Description
  • Budget
  • Organization Information
  • Conclusion

Questions and Answers

  1. How to write Executive Summary? This part of work is a summary of the whole proposal. It must consist of 1 page.
  2. The next question is how to write Statement of Need. Here you should explain why your project is necessary. Statement of Need consist of 2 pages.
  3. Then, you should know how to write a grant’s Project Description. In this section you must write the basic elements of how this project will be done and evaluated - 3 pages.
  4. How to write Budget? Budget is financial description of this project. Here you should add explanatory notes. Include all information in 1 page.
  5. How to write grants’ Budget Organization Information and Conclusion? Organization Information is background information about your organization that is history of your organization, the primary activities of your company, for the audience it serves – 1 page.
  6. Conclusion is a summary of the entire document that is the main points of the grant proposal.

We hope this information will help you to write your document. Please, try to find a good grant example to see how you document should be done.

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