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Informative Essays


Informative Essays

Informative essays have a purpose to inform about particular topic. All you have to do is to plan your time, make research, prepare outline, collect information and write an informative essay. Thus, for example, informative essays topics in sociology looks as following:

  1. The family as a small group and a social institution.
  2. What are social stereotypes and prejudices? Give examples.
  3. The social function of higher education in America.

Formal and Substantive Requirements for Informative Essays in Sociology:

  1. Informative essays must:
    1. demonstrate your understanding of the subject and the object of sociology;
    2. show your understanding of the basic concepts of sociological theory and your ability to apply them with understanding of different phenomena of social life;
    3. reproduce the rules and features of a sociological analysis of society;
    4. take into account the peculiarities of sociological methods and techniques;
  • Informative essays topics should be disclosed from the viewpoint of sociology, no matter what material is used (journalistic articles, life experiences, etc.).
  • Independently written informative essays and effective demonstration of deep understanding of the read literature with specific examples will be assessed particularly highly.
  • Some of the essay topics may include interdisciplinary potential. In this case, it is necessary to fix the boundaries with similar areas of study (for example, psychology, political science, etc.), specifying and revealing the specifics of sociology.
  • It is prohibited to copy materials from the Internet, as well as rewriting of the textbooks and articles in specialized dictionaries; it is allowed to integrate competent quotation and paraphrase, which must be formatted appropriately.
  • Written outline must more optimally reflect the content of informative essays.
  • A list of literature is evaluated because it is an element of creativity of the student.
  • Informative essays writing includes support for a variety of sociological and non-sociological literature, therefore, the essay must contain references to these sources, indicating the place of publication, year of publication, as well as a page or pages where made quotation or paraphrase.

General Advice

References are necessary in any scientific and theoretical work, they can serve as arguments, where the strong, independent academic position has not yet formed, but also to confirm the own views on the topic of the essay, in order to accept or reject the view of the author, to explain, decipher some concepts, both of which are not included in the primary task of work.

Custom Essays

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