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MBA Admission Essay


MBA Admission Essay

Before starting to write a winning MBA admission essay, do your homework about the college you are applying for. Follow it up with some soul searching to show the way in which there is an exact match between your aspirations and the faculty’s.

You need to draw up some convincing reasons on as to why you are the right candidate for admission in to that particular college. If you are passionate about market research, now is the time to tell them why. You need to sound sincere and transparent with an essay that is based on fact and not fiction. If you are half hearted about something don’t include it in your MBA admission essay. The ultimate aim of your application should be to show that you are a person with the ability for all-round excellence and sincere hard work.

Just focus on what is important to you while writing an MBA admission essay and why and edit the small talk.

Fill in the blanks

If you do not have any experience as a team leader and have not really contributed much to society-then you definitely don’t want to pretend you have. It might even make sense to take some time over tackling these issues and going all out to get some of the experience you lack in certain areas and you will be a better person for it.

Once you find where you are lacking and fill in those blanks with some solid effort and determination, write down your Statement of Purpose or SOP. You can arrive at a good SOP by zeroing in on what you really want. Explore the possibilities by honestly jotting down your past achievements in academics, in extra curricular activities, on the sports field as well as your contribution to your community or school.

MBA admission essay: question to ask

  • What do I feel strongly about?
  • Why do I want a career in marketing?
  • How will getting into this course help my long term career aspirations?
  • Why do I deserve to be given a chance?
  • What are the qualities that you can bring to the table to successfully complete an MBA program?
  • What are your past experiences and qualifications that can give you a deeper insight in to your chosen career?
  • Why are you applying for this MBA program in particular?

Once you have written your MBA admission essay get some senior students or faculty members to give you some constructive criticism on where and how you can polish your essay further and you will end u with a first class MBA admission essay.