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MBA Admission Essays: Sample

It could have been a normal conversation amongst a bunch of teenagers but this setting was different. Our class was visiting a cracker factory as a field trip. Conversations with illiterate child laborers sharing a slice of raw mango in the hutment of a rural cracker factory, as the master looked on suspiciously, was the genesis of one of the most profound realizations of my life - what could I do for them? This thought haunted me day and night ever since.

That single afternoon, and the dawn of truth which followed has since inspired me to pursue a dream to do something for the poor strata of my country. After discussions with my colleagues, I decided to start a social welfare club. My ideas, at that time, were ridiculed and out rightly rejected by a majority of my class mates. Numerous meetings took place with the director to change his opinion that a social welfare club by our generation was a concept that would simply not work. He agreed on the condition that the funds would not be given by the institute and that I would have to organize everything on my own. Thus, I founded `Club Mitra' (Mitra is a Hindi word for Friend) on July 18th 2004 with just 3 members.

The first activity of the club was a visit to an Old Age Home. At that time we were 12 volunteers. Our culture preaches that the old and the wizened individuals stay at home and inculcate the values and ethics in the younger ones of the family. But modernization has brought with it evil side-effects. Today's youth considers parents/grandparents as a financial and emotional burden and leave them in lurch looking for old-age homes for food and shelter. The solitude and the lack of emotional support struck us profoundly. We imagined our own parents, and later, ourselves in the same boat and the very thought sent shivers down our spine. That trip was an eye opener for the entire group.

There was an exponential growth in the enrollment after the first trip and the funds started to pour in from all sources. The major projects completed by the club included literacy campaigns, cleanliness drives, generating funds for a blind school, paying for medical bills for poor etc. Today the club has 54 members and is frequently approached for help by needy and has sufficient fund base to organize at least one major drive every month. I resigned from the club in May 2006, when I graduated. Thus my vision is bearing fruits; `Club Mitra' is still spreading the awareness among people and is currently being handled by my juniors. In spite of my inability to personally supervise the club anymore, I still keep myself associated by making regular donations.

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