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Nursing research papers


Nursing research papers

The key to the success of the home hospital—the person who cares for and sustains not only the patient but also the family at home, and who mediates between the patient and the outside world—is the caregiver, whether husband or wife, mother or father, son or daughter of an aged parent. The caregiver, who has chosen to care for the patient and is deeply committed to him or her, will derive enormous comfort and satisfaction from the positive response of a loved one whose life is sustained far beyond the expectations of hospital staff. Nonetheless, the task of caregiving is complex, especially if you have a family to care for as well; and there are many possible sources of stress, in addition to the major one of living with, but not always being able to relieve, the pain and frustration of the patient.

Among these possible sources of stress are: financial anxiety; anxiety about the effects of the illness on other members of the family, especially the children, and about problems in their lives; frustration at not being able to provide "everything" for your patient; the multiple adjustments that have to be made (giving up parties and other social or community activities, cutting down on gifts for Christmas, birthdays, and anniversaries because you can no longer afford them); "making do" with your own or your children's clothes because your budget is drained by the expenses of illness; resentment when nurses are undependable; anger at the illness, at the patient for complaining and subsequent guilt feelings; and emotional and physical exhaustion. No one person suffers stress from all of these sources, but every caregiver has some combination of them.

How do you cope with all of this? If you are deeply in love or devoted, you probably feel nothing is important except keeping your husband or wife—or child, or parent—alive and comfortable and sharing available experiences. Everything else actually becomes secondary. The reward for your efforts confirms and reinforces this feeling, your priorities change, and the stress is reduced. Your success in helping the patient brings satisfaction, pride, even triumph—as it did for me to be told by the doctors and nurses that Gardner could not have lived as long in a nursing home as he did in our "home hospital."

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