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Of mice and men coursework


Of mice and men coursework

Writing Of Mice and Men coursework, you may explore the main characters and their roles in the story.  For example, our writer has written the following Of Mice and Men coursework:

No play is more up-to-the-minute in reflecting new attitudes than John Steinbeck Of Mice and Men. In the characters chosen, in the frank vernacular these characters speak, in the theme which runs through the series of stirring situations, Steinbeck's play is so contemporary that not only would it have shocked an older generation but it has the power to jolt some members of an audience today; and indeed characters, speech, and theme are so flavored with realism -- and with a sturdy rough beauty -- as to persuade (or deceive?) some of us into thinking that Of Mice and Men is a genuine, new tragedy. Genuine, Steinbeck certainly seems to be; moving, his story surely is. Perhaps it is a tragedy? Tragic flaw; man the pigmy in a relentless universe; inevitable devastating catastrophe? Perhaps. Some feel this way about the story, strongly. But the most persistent labelers are not inclined to think so. They rather readily class as melodrama this story which shares with Mamba's Daughters the tendency to utilize very simple personality as the central character, one for whom the ordinary social standards do not exist but who is himself seen to be the product of the lack of fine ethical standards on the part of society -the recognition of which is, of course, a new kind of standard.

Lennie is a huge hulk of a man, strong enough to lift a four-hundred-pound sack of grain, tender enough, in a childlike sensuous fashion, to derive endless comfort from stroking the soft fur of a dead mouse in his pocket. His chief characteristic is probably his loyalty to George, whom he follows from place to place, job to job, trouble to trouble. The troubles are of Lennie's own making, not George's. The two men have had to flee the last town where they worked because Lennie had taken a notion to feel the soft red silk of some girl's dress. The louder the frightened girl had screamed, the tighter the terrified Lennie had hung on until George arrived in time to hit him over the head with a fence picket and drag him off to hide in an irrigation ditch until the posse passed them by. After some wandering, the two arrive at a new job, tying grain sacks for a thrashing crew. They find their bunks in the bunkhouse and take stock of their fellow-harvesters: Slim, the tall, tanned, expert driver; Candy, a gray-haired old man with a stump-arm who sweeps out the shack; Crooks, the colored stable man, lonely, defeated, sociable; Curley, the Boss's son -- a mean little fellow always picking a fight he can win -- who has recently married a girl with a questionable past and one eye on a better chance; and other hard-working, directionless wanderers.

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