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Page Compare and Contrast Essay on Seasons


Page compare and contrast essay on seasons

Many students think that it is very easy to write a one page compare and contrast essay on seasons.  However, the truth is that it is much easier to write a four page essay on seasons than one page essay because you have to include so many details.  In order to write a good one page compare and contrast essay, you should take a piece of paper and write down the main points for comparison.  Next, you should choose the most important or the most interesting and write one sentence for each. Below is a sample one page compare and contrast essay.  If you need professional individual assistance with compare and contrast essay writing, do not hesitate to order essay writing service at our site.  We are open 24/7 and we accept all payment methods!

Let us see, by way of contrast, what sort of poetry Thomson is able to make of the raw material of science without relating it directly to his interest in the Eternal. Examples of this sort of presentation are abundant in the later parts of The Seasons. An interesting one is the passage in "Autumn" dealing with the problem of the origin and progress of rivers. Both in its earliest form ( "Autumn" A, 11. 726-774) and its later revision ( "Autumn" B, ll. 738-837), the passage is lengthy and remarkably prosaic.

In the first version, it begins with some speculation about whether mighty rivers could be filled simply from the mists drawn off the ocean, after which the poet advocates the theory that the salt water of the ocean is sucked up through the sand and higher still to mountains, the sand straining out all saline particles. In his attempt to make scientific material poetic, Thomson resorts this time not to his exaltation over the idea of science and the implications of that idea, but to a more commonplace interest in human affairs. Thus the versification of his theory tends to suggest human qualities in water and sand: Nor stops the restless fluid,/ mounting still,/Tho' here and there in lowly plains it springs,/But to the mountain courted by the sand,/That leads it darkling on in faithful maze,/ Far from the parent-main, it boils again

Fresh into day ( "Autumn" A, ll. 758-763).

"Restless," "courted," "faithful," "parent-main" -- all suggest the pathetic fallacy. The ending of this section makes the direction of Thomson's interest yet clearer. In the course of its subterranean passage, the stream gains "restoring power" and "salutary virtue," whence, the royal maid, Amelia blooms/ With new-flush'd graces; yet reserv'd to bless,/ Beyond a crown, some happy prince; and shine, In all her mother's matchless virtues drest, The Carolina of another land ( "Autumn" A, ll. 770-774).

The patriotic sentiment is ingeniously arrived at, but something of a shock in its context. Its inclusion here suggests that scientific material was beginning to be for Thomson only a decoration, rather than an integral part of his thought and poetry. In the 1744 version, the scientific material is more important for its own sake, but Thomson's attempt to convert it into poetry still depends often upon his insistence on human values. To be sure, the reference to royal Amelia is eliminated, and replaced by the poet's elaborate rejection of his former theory in favor of a new one about stony reservoirs in the earth.

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