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Perfect Essay


Perfect Essay

Writing a perfect essay is not as difficult as you think it is, if you keep certain basics in mind:

  1. The length  

Unless otherwise specified, a five paragraph essay works best if you want to write the perfect essay. Keep your sentences to the point and short. Do not ramble on by repeating words or phrases.

  1. The topic  

Even a well researched essay can get boring to read if the subject is dry or mundane. On the other hand choosing a topic you love and are knowledgeable as well as passionate about will help you to write in a likewise fashion.

  1. The main points  

What are the main things you would like to say about a particular topic? Try to zero in on three important points that you can elaborate on per paragraph. Also ensure that there is a logical explanation of points so that the essay flows from one point to the next.

  1. The format  

A perfect essay should begin with the introduction, be followed by three paragraphs that elaborate on your thesis statement and end with a strong conclusion.

  1. Catchy start  

Let the introduction make a sweeping and interesting statement about your topic and then narrows this down to your thesis statement

  1. Create an outline  

This will ensure that you have covered all the vital aspects of a topic. A perfect essay should be interesting and informative. It should leave the reader feeling like they have learnt something by sparing the time to read your essay

  1. Keep it simple  

The perfect essay does not ramble on unnecessarily or use difficult words and sentences for the sake of doing so

  1. Creating the content

Look through the list of references and ensure that you have not omitted to read a required reference. It is always a good idea to read the latest references first as these will refer to older literature on the subject. Make notes as you go along and keep your citations in tact

  1. Edit! Edit! Edit!  

Once you have said all you need to say-you need to read through what you have written to ensure that your essay reads clearly and has a logical flow of points that get wrapped up in a clear and concise conclusion

And there you have all the elements for writing a perfect essay.