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Persuasive essay


Persuasive essay writing should begin with the overview of all sides of the topic.  Undoubtedly, not every topic can become persuasive!  For example, it is hardly possible to write a persuasive essay on a tree.  So, once you have chosen a position on the topic, you should think about the specific points to develop your line of reason.  Below is the sample of a good persuasive essay on biology, nature and nurture.  Reading the following sample of the persuasive essay, please pay attention to the flow of ideas and linkage of paragraphs.

By reason of Weismann's efforts, many biologists nowadays tend to give a negative answer, though examination of actual cases allows no doubt that life embraces the whole world, since, as Rabaud said in 1922, life does not exist in the abstract, for it consists of living organisms which have to develop within an environment. "Adaptation is no more than the possibility of existence," he goes on to say, "and selection does not actually preserve the best but simply eliminates the most unfit." The living mechanism, wrote Cuénot in 1925, "has a past which has left its mark, and the aim of every vital activity of a being is to exist and to endure, well or ill, but certainly to survive."

Without arriving at the same conclusion as Jennings, who in 1934 asserted that the same character can be just as much occasioned by genes as by environment, there are some independent naturalists who do not give way before the general current of opinion, and who grant a due morphogenetic and functional value to outside influences. Woodruff in 1941, under the heading "Nature and Nurture" in his Foundations of Biology, has this to say, for instance: "Since the life of an organism is one continuous series of reactions with its surroundings, it follows that nurture plays an immensely important part in moulding the individual on the basis of its heritage. Indeed we are apt to overlook the fact, already mentioned, that every character is a product both of factors of the heritage and of the environment and can be reproduced only when both are present. Those characters that appear regularly in successive generations are those whose development depends upon factors always present in normal surroundings. Other characters, potentially present, do not become realized unless the unusual environmental conditions necessary for their development happen to be met. Witness the examples of the supernumerary legs in Drosophila, and sun-red in Indian corn. In Drosophila, the abnormal condition of extra legs is inherited in typical Mendelian manner when the flies are reared at low temperatures; whereas supernumerary legs do not appear in flies with the same gene heritage when bred at a higher temperature. Or again, the so-called sun-red colour of the kernels of Indian corn is a heritable character that develops only when the kernels themselves are exposed to light by the removal of the husk. In short, the environment, in certain cases at least, may act as a differential intensifying or diminishing gene action, and thus influence the realization of the potentialities of the heritage.”

The above sample is not the best persuasive essay because there is no specific argument put forward. The writer explores both sides of nature and nurture debate.  If you have the same topic to write an essay about, you should develop the argument further and argue in favor of either nature or nurture.  We are open 24/7 to assist you with persuasive essay writing on a wide range of topics and within any deadline you need!