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Persuasive essay outline


Persuasive essay outline

Persuasive essay outline should include the following points:  introduction (with a clear thesis statement presenting your specific position), paragraph one (covering the first supporting argument), paragraph two (covering the second supporting argument), paragraph three (covering opposite opinion), paragraph five (refuting the opposite opinion), paragraph six (covering the third support argument), and conclusion.  Of course, these paragraphs can be developed into sections if your essay must be rather long. 

Persuasive essay sample: 
One question that had to be grappled with constantly, because it appeared so persistently, was: How much of the pathology one sees is to be attributed to the Holocaust experience of the parents and how much to other incidental or personal sources? Judith S. Kestenberg  showed how every phase of psychosexual development can become invaded by the Holocaust memories of the parents.

A. Freedman described the case of a survivor, where it was felt that all the conditions necessary to account for the pathology seen in the patient were present before the Holocaust. The patient was a man who became a ghetto fighter and later developed an unusual perversion, which involved finding sexual release in a barber chair. He would select a barber, seeking one with preferably Aryan features, and ask for repeated shavings, allegedly in order to obtain a smoother tonsorial result. The patient carefully watched the growing impatience and agitation of the barber; and when it reached near boiling point, he concluded his clandestine masturbatory activities with an ejaculation and left the shop on friendly terms. In his heterosexual relationships, he pushed his finger far into his partner's throat and ejaculated when she gagged or became angry. As a youth, the patient had attended a Polish military school, where as the only Jewish student, he was subject to sadistic mistreatment by his teachers and developed sadistic retaliatory fantasies.

War came when the patient was in his late teens. His mother and grandmother were killed, and he and his father were separated. Speaking flawless Polish, he was able to "pass" as a Pole and was protected. Eventually he became a hero of the Warsaw ghetto, where he killed a number of German soldiers. This period was the only one in his life when he was free of anxiety. In his perversion he seemed to enact a double role: that of a victim, and that of the master of the situation. The therapist felt that all the conditions necessary for the psychopathology shown by the patient antedated the Holocaust. He stressed that the war permitted the patient to express sadistic impulses with out guilt, and allowed him to be symptom-free during this period, only to develop his perverse symptoms after surviving the Holocaust….

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