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Persuasive Essay Topics

  • Child Labor, Children's Rights, Mental Illness, Nuclear Proliferation, Suicide, Drunk Driving, Alcoholism, Human Rights, Euthanasia & Assisted Suicide, Literacy, Abortion, Global Warming, Obesity, Hate Crimes, Vampire Cults, Violence, Homelessness, AIDS, Capital Punishment, Organ & Body Donation
  • Government vs. Religion, Affirmative Action, Legalization of Marijuana, Famine, Immigration, Animal Rights, Dwarfism, Sweatshops, Racial Profiling, Poverty, Flag Burning, Creation vs. Evolution, Violence in Schools, Censorship, Homosexuality, Police Brutality, Genetic Engineering, Gun Control, Civil Rights
  • Welfare, Drugs and Drug Abuse, Gangs, Prayer in Schools, Tobacco, Feminism, Environmental Protection, Privacy, World Population, Gender Issues.

Argumentative Essay Topics

  • Church State Issues, Fraud, Animal Rights, Medicinal Marijuana, Anti-Semitism, Espionage and Intelligence Gathering, Pornography, Gun Control, Alcohol Abuse, Recycling, School Uniforms, Stem Cell Research, Tax Reform, Alternative imprisonment, Terrorism, Infectious Diseases, Censorship, Body Piercing
  • Affirmative Action, Afghanistan, Inner City Poverty, Marriage and Divorce, Nuclear Technology, Polygamy, Littering, Breast Feeding in Public, Chain Gangs, US War on Drugs, Alternative Medicine, School Violence, Religious Right, Aliens and UFO's, Home Schooling, Rain Forests, Arab-Israeli Conflict
  • Medicine Abuse, Animal Welfare, Gambling, Health Care Policy, City Curfews, Hate Crime, Ballot Initiatives, Battered Women, Social Security Reform, Stadium Taxes, Smoking.