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Reaction Essay


Reaction essay

Reaction essay, as the name suggests, should be based on your reaction to the book, movie, article, person, or situation.  In essence, reaction essay is a response essay.  You are expected to express your personal point of view and share emotions, thoughts and ideas.  For example, here is a sample reaction essay written by one of our writers:

Sample reaction essay

Little genuine historical or biographical information has survived about early Scottish saints. Frequently no more than a place-name ( Kilmarnock, 'cell of my Ernóc', Killumpha, 'cell of Iomchadh') has survived to indicate that a cult once existed. The saints so commemorated are often Irish, sometimes Welsh or Cornish, whose legends, if they have been preserved, may sometimes contain references to journeys made by the saint to places in Scotland. Examples are Boethius, the Irish patron of Kirkbuddo in Angus, and Cadoc, the Welsh patron of Cambuslang near Glasgow. In general, the extant legends (the word is used in its primary sense, 'matter to be read aloud' on commemorations of the saint) are charter myths, explaining and validating in pre-scientific terms the institutions, customs and beliefs prevailing at a particular time in a particular area of ecclesiastical influence. They are thus aetiological, providing sacred origins in addition for such material things as buildings, artefacts, unusual rock-markings, notable trees, medicinal springs. Legends are generally written in Latin with some pretence to style; even if no Latin original is known, vernacular legends are usually to be regarded as translations or adaptations of a Latin original. The medium used is usually prose, but sometimes verse.

A complete legend usually includes an account of the two most significant events in a saint's life, his birth in the flesh, and his birth into the full life of the spirit on the day of his death, together with an account of the miracles performed by him during his life and posthumously at his tomb. Each miracle normally has some charter significance. The influence of New Testament miracle stories is strong. Not infrequently the literary form parodies elements in the secular hero tale. As a whole, or in individual episodes, the legend may embody international tale-types, and almost invariably international motifs. The legend thus combines features characteristic of traditional folk-literature with others derived ultimately from the Bible and the panegyric oratory of the later Roman Empire, as mediated by the pattern works of Christian hagiography, Athanasius' Life of Antony (before 373) and Sulpicius Severus' Life of Martin. Some legends have stronger elements of biography than others, but their primary importance is as myth, to be interpreted in terms of intellectual, cultural and social history. Christian hagiography parallels closely that of other cultures and religions—the stories, for instance, of Moslem and Buddhist saints, and the hero-cults of the ancient Greek city-states.

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