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A report could be described as a formal statement of the results of an investigation, or of any matter on which definite information is required, made by some person. Reports may be presented orally or in written form. In a report situations are analyzed, conclusions drawn, alternatives considered and recommendations made.

Report Writing Help: Components Of Your Report

  • Title page. This should be on a separate sheet. The title should help people who have to identify and retrieve the report, and should not resemble the title of other report. With the title should be the name of the author and the date it was completed.
  • Summary. This should be written separately from the report. It should give a brief and factual survey of what is contained in the report itself with the material summarized in the same order. If you need use some report writing help, but this part of your report should give readers enough information to access the importance of the material and its relevance to them.
  • Table of contents. This should be on the separate sheet of paper listing the contents chronologically by page number. The titles of each section should make it informative.
  • Introduction is used to show the reader what the writer is talking about and what the line of the argument is.
  • Main text. This should be divided into numbered sections with appropriate and informative headings. Make a logical sequence, although it should not be necessarily chronological. The body of your report should contain all provided investigation, a statement of facts that was discovered, clear arguments and opinions. Illustrations related to the text should be placed.
  • Conclusion. This should be short, unqualified statement, summarizing the findings and inferences of the section of the main text. No new ideas should be introduced at this point, but it is acceptable to hint at recommendations.

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