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Sample Admission Essay


Sample Admission Essay

At the end of the day your admission essay is all that will distinguish you from hundreds of other applicants. So make sure that you read plenty of sample admissions essays before you attempt to write your own.

Keep in mind that your admission essay will be referred to by admissions officers to decide between candidates that have a similar profile to yours. A good admissions essay can give you the edge over others by zeroing in on your goals, personality traits and hobbies.

Here are extracts from a unique, humorous and well thought out sample admissions essay.

Sample admissions essay# Extract 1

Studying hard is not the only key to success. It is important to be well-rounded by keeping up with your school work as well as actively being involved in extra-curricular activities, community service, and interacting with people from diverse cultures and backgrounds.

I remember the day when my mother exclaimed, “Priya” today is the first day of your Bharatanatyam dance class! “Aren't you excited?” “No, mother” I replied arrogantly. “What's the purpose of learning dance?” I inquisitively asked at the age of 5.

Starting from a young age, I have been fascinated by different dance forms. I have been formally trained in Bharatanatyam, a classical Indian dance form that is both strenuous and challenging. Bharatanatyam originated in South India, but today is taught in many other places around the globe. I like learning it and incorporating it in other dances that I perform on stage. I also love to choreograph and dance to the popular, energetic, Indian movie songs. Recently, I started taking Jazz dance lessons, which is very energetic, lively, and enjoyable.

Ever since the age of three, I have performed Indian dances. At least once a year, during Diwali (Indian festival of lights celebration), I am on stage, and the past two years I, along with others of different cultures did an Indian dance at the Multicultural festival held at our school. I look forward to meeting my friends and choreographing an Indian dance piece.

Dancing has broadened my circle; it has allowed me to connect with people of different nationalities. Well, as you can see, my mother's aggressiveness has come a long way, and I really cherish it now. It's important for one to be exposed to their culture, even if he or she is living abroad. It brings out one's identity and also lets others learn about one's culture.

Sample admissions essay# Extract 2

Wide smiles without hesitation and straight, perfect teeth. I have wanted to become an Orthodontist ever since I started wearing braces.

Until about the fifth grade, my teeth were crooked, and I had an overbite. Every time I looked at myself in the mirror, I would feel frustrated; I didn't have a good self-image when I could see my two, front teeth protruding.

How one appears can have a big impact on his/her self-esteem. When people see their white, shiny, straight teeth, they will definitely feel more confident about themselves as compared to seeing crooked, displaced teeth. Appearance is not the only reason that one's teeth should be treated with care. Any organ in one's body should be functional; likewise, teeth should also be monitored. People may be oblivious to how important teeth are, but teeth are necessary to eat. In order to prevent diseases and infections, teeth should be treated with care.

I volunteered at the Memorial Hospital in Carbondale where I got opportunity to meet with patients. I delivered flowers and cards to them; I also helped in their discharge from the hospital. Very recently, I job shadowed my Orthodontist, Dr. John Phelps for a day. I was amazed at how many patients got their braces on and off in one day! Orthodontists are in big demand even in a small town like Carbondale. I enjoyed this experience, and felt that it enabled me to become familiar with the procedures and instruments that I will use in the future.