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Below is one of the custom sample admission essays. You are free to read and use this sample as a model for developing your college application essay.

She was living with her grandmother, a mother, who couldn’t even read, a brother and a sister, and a little niece who was classified “learning disabled” and was also sickly. Since her mother and grandmother spent many days and nights at the hospital, she was often left in charge of her younger siblings. She was also called on to help with the adult problems of the household – including helping to keep track of bills and dealing with bill collectors. Formal education in this family unit was clearly secondary. Since there was always noise in the cramped apartment, and no real study space, she actually studied on the outside stoop a good deal of the time – in dim light and under varying weather conditions. The libraries were her paradise, and volunteer work was something she cared about deeply whenever she had free time.

Thus, while her college admissions essay said “this is a loser,” that wasn’t really the case. She was someone who had developed sterling personal qualities: tolerance, determination, self-motivation, and more. So, our message to you is to tell “similar” story in admission essay writing. What else can be said is that we received the feedback from this client and found out that the girls now attending a small college away from home and is planning on going to graduate school. The point is, if you can not write your admission essay but know your challenges – contact us, profession writers, and describe those challenges through the application essay writing service.

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