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Sample college essays


Sample college essays

Read the argument essay below. The essay was written by a student, under exam conditions, and was a response to the question: Revolutions are shaped more by dominant personalities than by ideological considerations. How far does your study of revolutions show this to be the case? You are welcome to use this free student essay as a basis for your own writing.  Alternatively, you may request custom college essay papers writing help at  We are able to write an impressive custom college essay for you on any topic. 

…It is clear that the course of revolutions is determined more by the behavior and actions of personalities at the head of the revolutions, rather than by a set of ideologies. Revolutions are also shaped by the actions of social groups who are led or opposed by these personalities. The influence of personalities in both France and Russia overshadowed the numerous, sometimes abandoned ideologies of those two revolutions.

In France, the influence of personalities such as Robespierre and later Napoleon had a large impact on shaping the revolution. Whilst the events of 1789 were caused to a large extent by the frustration of the peasants and sans-culottes, the actions of the leading revolutionaries once power was established was crucial to the outcome of the revolution.

W. Doyle (Oxford History of the French Revolution) claims that the influence of the population at the Bastille was most important. Doyle states that the people were convinced that they had saved the National Assembly on July 14th …

The actions of these two dominant personalities of the French Revolution overshadowed the ideology of the Revolution, symbolized in the declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen in August 1789. Doyle shows that even Robespierre's reliance on his ideology of Virtue, as derived from the writing of Rousseau, was perverted in the end…

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