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Sample scholarship essay


Sample scholarship essay

Below is a sample scholarship essay on the topic “Mozart's Personality and Creativity”. You are welcome to read this essay sample and use it as a foundation for your own college admission essays.  In addition, you are welcome to order custom college essays writing help of any complexity and urgency.  Even if you have only 24 hours or less left, you are welcome to become our client.  No customer is left without professional help at!  

….What sort of person was Mozart? An extraordinary range of views has been put forward over the last two centuries. Some have regarded Mozart as a feckless, immature 'natural', a child of nature and almost an idiot savant, while others have emphasized his sober dedication to the Enlightenment. The Romantic portrait of a divinely inspired genius, unrecognized in his time but composing for posterity, has given way to an emphasis on his pragmatic craftsmanship; the fact, reiterated constantly through the bicentennial year, that Mozart wrote music only for specific purposes. In terms of his personal life, he has been presented as a devotee of companionate domesticity, or as an irrepressible libertine, a Don Giovannimanqué.

Setting aside the deliberate construction of a view of Mozart for dramatic purposes, there is little doubt that successive generations of scholars have been sincere in their views of the composer, each claiming to be more 'objective' than the last, stripping away the veneer of speculation to arrive at 'the real man'. It is sobering to realize that these different opinions about Mozart as a person are all based on a very similar set of data. With some notable exceptions, there have been few major additions to our basic knowledge about Mozart and his life over the last 25 years. The diversity of views has largely arisen from variations in interpretation and emphasis. There are several reasons for this. The most obvious is that the evidence is very limited, giving commentators considerable licence in the interpretation of sparse facts. This is of course true of most aspects of Mozart scholarship, but is particularly relevant when attempting to reach conclusions about Mozart as a person…

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