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Smoking Ban Essay


Smoking Ban Essay: Controversial Point

When we say “smoking” we usually mean harmful and bad habit. It is normal and demonstrative norm today, when person breaths in and breaths out the tobacco’s smoke of cigarette. A lot of smoking opponents claim that people should avoid this habit, because it badly influences on the smoker’s health as well as the surrounding people’s health. Of course, there is a list of most argumentative reasons to stop smoking right now.

Smoking Ban Essay: The Smoking Minuses

The British scientists have recently discovered that smoking process usually shortens 11 years of women' life and 3 years of men’s life on average. In addition, experts and pundits state that smoking women are more inclined to be infected with various forms of adenocarcinoma or lung cancer. Especially, smoking badly influences on pregnant women, who risk harming themselves as well as their future children. In summary:

  • With intensive smoking the teeth of smoker lose their natural color; besides, the smoker has a bad breathe scent;
  • Smoker feels shortage of breath and usually he/she is short-winded;
  • Active smoker often feels weariness during some business, activity or occupation because smoking reduces human stamina and work of cardiovascular system;
  • The smoker takes the risk of catching lung or heart illness due to active smoking;
  • Smoking definitely increases the level of human pulse - your heart needs more efforts to circulate blood in your body;
  • Active smokers are more susceptible to lung cancer; probably, it is high risk for every smoking person;
  • There is a risk of death from coronary disease among the men-smokers.
  • Smoking may cause a chronic bronchitis – this is a hard sickness, when smoker’s  bronchial tubes becomes obstructed by mucus; it results in deep and hard coughing;
  • A big amount of tar in the cigarette highly increases the risk of taking the lung cancer;
  • At last, smoking often causes pulmonary emphysema – the malfunction of lung’s correct work.

Smoking Ban Essay Ideas

Nowadays, political, social and law groups discuss the most controversial issues: whether to prohibit or allow smoking in public places. People, who stand for smoke ban, explain that non-smoking populations could significantly suffer from active smokers. That is why, considering the health of smokers and non-smokers, a lot of people criticize the adaptation of such laws.

However, businessmen and owners of catering establishments worry about such smoking bans: they deservedly claim that such measures will strictly reduce the amount of visitors. Anyway, we can understand that the human life and health is more essential thing than the shortage of some clients and lacking of incomes.