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Smoking Essay


Smoking Essay

You can arrive at a good structure for your smoking essay by first drawing out your essay plan or outline and connecting the different points with lines. Your smoking essay can begin with a history of smoking and then go on to the relationship between smoking and health. This can be followed by some statistics in your smoking essay that can end with measures against smoking that have been taken by different governments all over the world.

Smoking Essay: Health Issues

Your smoking essay can highlight the fact that while it was considered cool and trendy to smoke in the 60s, 70s and 80s. This trend was reversed from the 1990s when the alarm bells rang along with the mounting evidence against smoking.

The main culprit is the nicotine in tobacco that is so addictive that it makes the body have withdrawal symptoms. Apart from nicotine, tobacco also contains other lethal substances that cause diseases like lung cancer and death.

Smoking Essay: The Statistics

Your smoking essay should highlightsome of the scary statistics on smoking. For instance out of a thousand people that smoke at the age of thirty as many as two hundred and fifty would die before they can reach their forties; and two hundred and fifty more would die soon after they retired; while the rest would suffer from chronic illnesses caused by smoking. These are the facts and figures that can motivate people to quit smoking

Smoking Essay: Second Hand Smoke

One of the scariest discoveries on smoking was that second hand smoke that is inhaled from a smoker near you, can be almost as lethal as inhaling first hand smoke. Your smoking essay should highlight the fact that smoking is not only a vice that endangers your own health; it can also endanger the health of loved ones around you.

Smoking Essay: Beauty Turns Beastly

There are more offshoots from smoking. Did you know that smoking gives you wrinkles?  That it turns nails yellow. Smoke is also bad for your eyes

While the fight against smoking and awareness of its dangers began by banning smoking in certain areas like inside movie halls, that ban has now been extended by several governments that have made it illegal to smoke in public places. To drive the point home smoking packets are no longer just saying, “Smoking kills.” They are also showing graphic pictures of what can happen to a compulsive smoker and the evidence is not pretty. These are just some of the vital facts your smoking essay can touch on.