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The color purple essays


The color purple essays

The Color Purple’ by Alice Walker will probably be the most unforgettable portrayal of a  black female from south America that you will ever come across”...could be a suitable opening line  for your introductory paragraph to the Color Purple Essays. It touches on both the theme as well as the excellence of its portrayal.

The Color Purple Essays can refer to the mention of the title on pg 291 when we discover that Celie lives in a purple and red room that she shares with a small purple colored frog.The Color Purple Essays should also analyze the author’s skill as a writer by examining the various ‘literary devices’ that are used by Walker to make this a truly unforgettable novel.

Literary devices

The literary devices Alice Walker uses to raise her standard to that of an award winning novel include:

·          The use of Symbols

·          Letter writing

·          A unique voice and style

·          A particular dialect for the characters in her story

Through these techniques Walker highlights the issue of violence against women. The theme, style as well as message behind this novel have resulted in an award winning novel.

The theme of violence

The Color Purple Essays should also examine the theme of violence against women that runs like a thread through the story. As a young girl Cecile witnessed her father battering her mother. He then proceeds to abuse her as a result of which Cecile leads a life full of fear

Social Violence

The ‘Olinka’ tribe of Africa has many traditions like female circumcision and facial scarring. These are glorified by their society as initiations in to later stages of life- even though these mean cutting a person so severely that they may even bleed to death.

The Color Purple Essays can compare the condoning of violence against women to another society in a different form- the Chinese society for instance in which women’s feet were bound till they were disfigured and tiny.

In this way the Color Purple Essays can highlight the issue of women’s rights through the theme of the book and give it a voice. This is why it is worth exploring the hard hitting reality of this novel.