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Unemployment Essay


Unemployment Essay

Unemployment has become a leading world problem after the economic slowdown affected one of the world’s leading economies-namely America. An unemployment essay should point out that this is not to say that there was no unemployment prior to the economic slowdown that hit the USA and other nations in 2008-but rather that the problem has now become acuter. Our professional writing service has prepared an article dealing with this earnest issue for you.

Since employment is the prime means for citizens to earn a salary that can then help them to provide the basic necessities of life (like food clothing and shelter)-job cuts have very serious repercussions. Unemployed individuals tend to get severely depressed since they are unable to provide for their families and many individuals in such a predicament try to commit suicide. An unemployment essayshould touch on these vital aspects on the fallout of unemployment.

Our company can help you figure out enough cases that are reported in the news of unemployed individuals that end up taking their own lives as well as the lives of their entire family.

Unemployment and social welfare

At the other end of the scale in the west-you find that individuals deliberately avoid working in order to avail of state funding and special aid that is given to unemployed people. These individuals are reluctant to start working since it will mean a loss of eligibility for government aid.

An unemployment essaycan talk about two types of unemployment:

  1. Involuntary unemployment due to job cuts
  2. Voluntary unemployment due to laziness and reluctance to lose out on government aid

Your unemployment essaycan also talk about the fact that unemployment is a universal problem that affects all the countries in the world and was recently a very serious issue in Germany and France-(to the extent that it even threatened the very continuity of the government in those countries.)

Repercussions of unemployment

Unemployment can lead to many negative fallouts in the society, such as:

  • An increase in the rate of crime
  • A deterioration in the physical and mental health of those that are affected by unemployment

Your unemployment essaycan also refer to unemployment in the 1930’s when it was a serious issue in countries such as Germany-this, in turn, led to an upsurge of Nationalism-so unemployment is also a potent political force. Read more about politics here:

These are some thoughts that your unemployment essaycan touch upon. 


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