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US History Thesis


US History Thesis

If you need to write US history thesis and do not know how to start writing it, you will find this article helpful. It is written with the hope to assist you with US history thesis writing steps such as topic choice, formatting, structuring, editing, the search of information, and much more!

The purpose of US history thesis writing is not limited to producing an account of the recent events in American history because your task is not to create a timeline. You need to write a comprehensive thesis which includes all vital elements of academic essay writing. It means that your thesis should have a clear introduction with thesis statement, body paragraphs with supporting materials, and the logical conclusion summarizing key points.

US History Thesis Writing Tips

While writing a US history thesis, you should strive to make the reader comprehend the importance of historical events, motivations of key people, as well as implications of the decisions made or actions undertaken. In other words, you need to provide a full picture of what, why, and how happened. Find the additional information in our next post:

The special attention should be paid to the credibility of the sources you refer to while writing your US history thesis. It is not enough to consult encyclopedias or internet sites to depict historical events. You should devote enough time to going to the public or college library, conducting thorough research, making notes, drafting an outline, and freewriting your thesis. While it may appear time-consuming, the results will be positive as your teacher will see your efforts immediately and appreciate your hard word accordingly.

US History Thesis Topic

Well, the choice of proper topic is the most important step of the writing process. You need to focus on the specific event, explore the important elements of the topic, key figures, decisions made, etc. To do well with the topic choice, you need to go through continuous refinement.

  • First, select a general idea for your investigation (make sure to choose an interesting topic; otherwise, your writing will not gain the attention of the reader either)
  • Second, narrow the topic to the specific idea  (Civil War is a too general topic to explore; while causes of the Civil War is a perfect topic for exploration)
  • Third, conduct preliminary research and formulate a specific research question (you should be able to express your topic is a question form)

US History Thesis Custom Writing

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