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Vietnam War Essay


Vietnam War Essay

Vietnam War was a military conflict that occurred from 1959 to 1975 on the territory of Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia. The Vietnam War was fought by communist North Vietnam and the government of South Vietnam. The purpose of the war, sometimes referred to as Viet Cong, was to defeat the communist forces in the region. The United States of America entered the war to help establish democracy and to prevent the takeover of South Vietnam by communist forces. The Vietnam War is still discussed throughout the world as the true motivations, as well as intentions of the allies, were not clear. If you are writing the Vietnam War essay, you need to take into account the following chronology of events:

  • Situation prior to war
  • The exist of French in 1950s
  • The Diem Era (1955-63)
  • Administration of Kennedy (1960s)
  • Johnson’s administration and expansion of war (late 1960s)
  • Nixon Doctrine
  • Bombing of Laos and Cambodia
  • Paris Peace Accords
  • Opposition to the Vietnam War
  • Exist of U.S. forces
  • Aftermath events in Asia
  • The effect on U.S.

Vietnam War Essay Samples

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…The really tragic fact of the whole matter is that, even if it could be demonstrated that a majority of the Viet Cong were not actually Marxists or Communist in any significant way, the United States would still continue to categorize them as the "enemy," and the mass media in America would continue their uncritical and very dangerous policy of naming everyone in the Viet Cong and all persons in North Vietnam as "Communists." …

….United States policy in South Vietnam has become so hardlined that any person opposed to the existing government, or any political faction -- however noncommunist -- which is opposed to President Thieu and Premier Ky, must simply be dismissed as a part of the "Enemy" apparatus. It sometimes appears that the United States would have to make Communists of all of the Viet Cong even if they were not Communists! It may be, moreover, that the attractiveness of communism is increased for the one-half of humanity which makes its home in Asia by the instinctive revulsion most people feel toward a powerful nation, possessed of superior weapons, which is killing poorly armed combatants and defenseless civilians of another race in a backward country….

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