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World War 1 essay


World War 1 essay

A World War I essaycan begin by pointing out that although World War One officially began in 1914- its root cause stretches as far back as 1870 with the Franco-Prussian War. When France lost the war and aimed at getting back lost territory-Germany formed a triple Alliance with Austo-Hungery and Italy to protect itself -and began a war of world proportions. If you missed this data in your WWI essay, we can help you edit the paperwork.

A global power

Another leading cause to world war one that can be highlighted in aWorld War I essayis the link between Kaiser Wilhelm's belief that Germany was destined to become a global imperial power and the aggressive policy that followed. In short the policy of 'Weltpolitic’ was an invitation to war.  This belief catalyzed the growth of Germany’s defense by land and sea and resulted in:

  • The escalation of  international tensions
  • Financial losses
  • The Moroccan Crisis and the Boer wars.

AWorld War I essay should elaborate on how the idea of Weltpolitic urged Germany to become the dominant economic power of central Europe by promising to solve its economic problems. The historian Fischer also agrees that the German’s were responsible for starting the war.  

How it all began

  • The war began whenGermany invaded Belgium in 1914
  • Very soon Britain was aggravated in to declaring war on Germany.
  • Japan joins forces with the Allied forces
  • The Ottoman Empire becomes an ally of the Central Powers
  • Many battles are fought to display Naval might

Other causes

There were many other causes to World War One and these included the policy of appeasement towards Germany as well as the Moroccan Crisis of   1905 and 1911. This crisis occurred when the Kaiser wanted Morocco’s independence in 1905 but was opposed by the French.

The birth of a new and well equipped navy enabled the German Navy to periodically bomb the British coast and this aggravated the British in to joining the war against Germany.

AWorld War I essayshould also touch on the social impact of the war. When most of the men were away fighting, women had to fill their shoes to run factories and drive buses. While they did this they had to defend themselves against being bombed by German Zeppelins. Check out the essay on radio propaganda during the War here:

A  World War I essaycan conclude by pointing out the devastating impact and outcome of the war as well as how these affected the future destiny of Europe and the world. If you need an essay on War written from scratch, ask customcollegessays for help.

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