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Writing an essay


Writing an essay is an assignment given by a tutor to check your understanding of the topic.  However, while you can have a deep understanding of the topic and course materials, you may not be a profound writer.  Below is the sample on essay on natural selection.  Pay special attention to the format and flow of ideas.  Writing an essay keep in mind that your task is to organize an essay in a proper format and present ideas logically.  Every paragraph must fit the topic sentence. So, here is a sample:

Natural selection operates consequently on differences of species occurring through orthogenesis, adaptation or mutation. By its effects the unfit disappear and the fit survive, so that selection determines the species which inhabit each of the various regions on this earth.

Natural selection is a term applicable to two distinct ideas, namely the Darwinian "struggle for life," or the mere "effort to exist" which was Darwin's original thought; or alternatively a violent conflict according to the interpretation put on it by so many, which in plain words becomes the result of a battle of the living creature against its physical and biological surroundings.

Nobody can deny that environment determines the beings which will survive in it. If, in reality, mechanisms exist which cause the appearance of fresh species in the course of time, some of these species will disappear because they cannot withstand the surrounding conditions, whilst others will persist, being of such nature that the medium will be favorable to them. This is an incontestable fact, whatever one's personal opinion may be with regard to the origin of species. Natural selection has since Darwin's time come to be considered as the certain means of originating specific forms. Weismann, and with him many others, considered that natural selection would resolve all difficulties when seeking to explain the origin of species. The historic controversy between Weismann and Spencer on this question. will long be remembered. Selection is not a metaphysical principle or a driving force, it is merely a biological fact to which a disproportionate theoretical significance has been given.

Species, as we have seen, represents a position of balance, an equilibrium between internal factors among themselves and between them and outside influences. By this balance, which is one among the many which make life possible, certain living forms preserve, for a longer-or shorter period, characters which they transmit through heredity and which therefore endure from generation to generation. Huxley in 1880 stated that species is an abstraction, a somewhat strong statement assuredly, since species is an aggregation or total of real beings and individuals, and any aggregate contains the reality of its components. Species has its history, its life course, just as an individual has. A species may make its appearance, wax strong, decay and finally become extinct, because each individual varies in vitality, since the fruitfulness of such individuals changes, or because the power to withstand the medium alters, or by reason of various combinations of these factors.

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