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Writing College Admission Essay


Writing College Admission Essay

Writingcollege admission essays is an art and the good news is that it is an art you can learn. College admission essays may ask you to simply write about yourself or they can give you a number of topics to choose from. Writingcollege admission essays badly or well depends on a number of things-including your choice of topic because this in itself can indicate to the admissions committee about the kind of person you are.

College admission essays topics

Writingcollege admission essays can be based on a variety of topics that ask you to:-

  • Write about the most exciting thing that has happened in your life and what you learned from it.
  • Tell us about a book that had a lasting impact on your life
  • Is there is any person that has had a profound impact on your life?
  • Why have you chosen to walk on this particular career path and what do you hope to do with your degree once you have it?

Make it interesting

Writingcollege admission essays as if they are a chore will result in the admissions committee viewing them with apathy. S so give them a break. Write on something that you are passionate about and add a touch of humor or weave a human interest story around it that will have the reader at the end of his seat.

Avoid saying too many things in a single sentence while writing college admission essays and do not try to sound too arty or clever. Be true to yourself as well as sincere and you can’t go wrong.

Take off with a bang

While writing college admission essays you have to lure the reader’s mind off so many mundane things so that they can focus on your essay and through the essay on YOU. This will be your only chance to tell them about yourself so make the most of it. This is where your opening line and paragraph will play a crucial role.

It makes perfect sense to begin writing your essay within the framework of a theme or a quote that can act as an appropriate lead to the attention-grabbing ideas that are to follow. The look and feel of the beginning of your essay will largely determine if it is going to be stamped with that magic word “accept” or if it is going to put the committee to sleep.

Cover your dreams your goals and the values and beliefs that make you the person you are and you are sure to come up with unforgettable college admission essays