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Writing college admission essays


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Writing college admission essays:

  • Give the admissions team some attribute or asset (e.g., you have potential, you're personable), to work with.
  • Let your essay “dress you up.” Sell yourself. Perhaps you've made missteps and work has been marginal, but you're ready to turn it around.
  • Get any positives (special talents, accomplishments, if any) into your presentation.
  • Writing essays talk about where you're going – and why – as opposed to where you've been. You're at that crossroads, changing the course of your life.

Writing college application essays DO NOT:

  • Confirm a lack of skills in your package. An ineffective essay can sink you. Writing application essays don't use improper grammar or make spelling mistakes. If your offering looks/reads disorganized or seems like an elementary school student could have written it, you're done.
  • Give them an easy excuse to reject you. In your essay, avoid topics such as romance, sex, abortion, politics, religion, or anything controversial. You might love Khalid Muhammad, Dennis Rodman, or Lil' Kim, but this isn't the time to say so.
  • Undersell yourself or present mediocrity as an accomplishment. You don't want to write: “I got a 65 in English in my sophomore year, and then a 70. I wasn't focused.” Better: “Last week, Ms. Brown looked startled when I received a 95 on her literature test. A few minutes later she probably noted that look in my eye when I raised my hand and said a few words about Macbeth. She nodded, and perhaps wondered if she was looking at a twin.” A student could actually signal a sincere transformation in his or her essay. It could matter!

Custom college essays

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