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Global Warming Essays


Global warming essays

The global warming essays are easy to write because there is a wealth of information about the topic available in libraries as well as online.  However, it does not mean that global warming essays can be written in the rush. You still have to spend many hours researching, planning, writing, and editing your global warming essay. Please read the following sample essay on global warming. It is written with the hope to assist you with developing your own topic. If you are looking for individual help of a professional writer, try our custom essay writing services. Custom essay written with our assistance is free of plagiarism and will definitely meet all academic requirements:

Global warming essay sample

More that a hundred years have passed since the first predictions of global warming and other climate changes caused by increasing concentrations of CO 2. It is only within the past twenty years, however, that the scientific community has begun to take this potential problem seriously.6 The policy implications of carbon dioxide-induced warming are an even newer subject of inquiry. 7 In 1981, in fact, the "CO 2 problem"--as it is coming to be known--was for the first time the subject of an extensive government report. 8 The possibility of global warming is now attracting increasing attention.

While the CO 2 problem is extremely complicated, it can be described in a reasonably simple way. Carbon dioxide is one of a number of gases which occur naturally in the earth's atmosphere (it constitutes 0.034 percent of the atmosphere). As its atmospheric concentration increases, which it appears to have done, it is believed that the temperature of the earth's surface will increase. This is because while carbon dioxide permits much of the incoming solar radiation (visible light) to reach the earth, it traps outgoing terrestrial (or infrared) radiation, slowing down the cooling of the earth's surface. The temperature increases that are expected to result will vary about the earth, some regions warming much more than the average, some perhaps cooling. The global distribution of the warming is quite uncertain except that it is likely that the polar regions will warm more than the equator--by as much as two or three times. This reduced temperature differential between equator and poles will in turn affect wind direction and velocity, and hence precipitation and cloud cover.

What has happened to atmospheric concentrations of CO 2 and other infrared-absorbing gases so far and what have these gases to do with human activity? Although there are no reliable observations, atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide about 100 years ago, at about the start of the industrial revolution, are estimated to have been on the order of 270 to 290 parts per million (ppm). By 1958, when fairly detailed records began to be kept at a number of locations, including the observatory at Mauna Loa, Hawaii, this concentration had risen about 12 percent, to approximately 314 ppm. By 1980, the readings at Mauna Loa averaged 338 ppm, about 8 percent higher than the 1958 readings and more than 20 percent above the hypothesized concentration in 1880. Readings from other stations during the period 1958 to 1976 confirm the increase in atmospheric concentrations of CO 2 found at Mauna Loa.

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