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History Essays


History Essays

Writing history Essaysis a major part of your written work on most historical subjects Were you aware of the fact that the word 'essay' is derived from the medieval French word ‘assay' which implies the testing or weighing of an idea or hypothesis. In that context, the good history essays should first spell out an argument about a historical problem or event and then support this argument by referring to primary and secondary sources.

Our college essay company is convinced that good history essays should place the argument within its historical as well as geographical context.

Standard AP US History Essay

Different kinds of history essayshave different formats. Compare: The format of a standard AP US history essay should consist of the following:

  • Start with a strong introductory paragraph of four sentences in which you
    • Make a general statement on the topic of your history essay and establish the logic on which the ensuing points are elaborated.
    • Include a sentence that indicates 3 or 5 subtopics that the paper will cover 
    • End with a thesis statement that has clarity and purpose
  • Follow the introduction up with body paragraphs of around five sentences. Ensure that the first sub-topic flows directly from the end of your thesis statement. It should support your main thesis idea and back it up with solid evidence by offering a suitable explanation for the phenomena. You should analyze these findings against the backdrop of your thesis statement.

The middle of your history essay should consist of THREE paras that highlight an important point each. Each body Para will highlight one of the three most important points by offering an explanation via examples. Conclude a standard AP US history essay in two sentences; the first of which reminds the reader of how the thesis was proven and then by rounding off the paper. Choose our paper writing team to help you with formatting.

Modern History Format

You should write five Paragraphs of equal length consisting of:

  • An introductory Para that touches on the points to be covered by your history essay
  • Three Paragraphs of body content-(all in past tense)
  • A powerful conclusion along with your own opinion.

Additional points to remember are that history essays should be written in chronological order by referring to a timeline chart. Pay special importance to the dates in question and analyze the effect of that particular historical event against social and cultural background of the times.

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