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Negative Effects of Fast Food Eating Essay


Negative effects of fast food eating essay

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Negative effects of fast food eating essay sample

Cholesterol and saturated fat are somewhat more difficult to detect in the diet than is salt. The fats in beef, lamb, pork, and dairy products are highly saturated, as are those in coconut oil (used in ice cream substitutes) and palm oil (used in various processed foods). Many fats are hidden in many fried foods served in fast-food outlets and in baked products such as croissants and various types of cookies and pastry. A visit to the kitchen of a fast-food restaurant would reveal large chunks being sliced off huge rectangular bricks of white lard or beef fat to be placed in the deep frying vessels. One picture is surely worth a thousand words after this experience.

Sauces used in restaurants are also another common source of hidden saturated fats. Except for palm and coconut oil, vegetable oils are predominately unsaturated. However, vegetable oils which have been "hardened" or "hydrogenated" by food processors also contain significant amounts of saturated fat. Animal fats in general are usually saturated, although fin fish contains highly unsaturated fat and the fat in shellfish, poultry and wild game is considerably less saturated than that in red meats. The unsaturated fats of fish have been the subject of many recent clinical studies. These "omega-3" fats seem to protect populations consuming high fish diets, such as the Eskimos, from some forms of heart disease. The result is that the Eskimos have a lower incidence of heart disease than populations consuming the same amount of fat from meat or dairy products.

Large amounts of cholesterol are found in egg yolks and organ meats, such as liver, which have far higher cholesterol levels than do other meats. Moderate but significant amounts of cholesterol are present in all meats, as well as in shellfish, fin fish, and poultry and in dairy products (except for nonfat yogurts and nonfat milk). All foods of animal origin contain cholesterol as part of their cell structure. By contrast, cholesterol is absent from all foods of vegetable origin. According to the American Heart Association, no more than 8 percent of total calories consumed should be derived from saturated fat (the current U.S. average is about 15 percent). High blood cholesterol levels are associated with increased heart attack rates, and numerous studies indicate that both cholesterol levels and heart attack rates increase proportionately as the percentage of calories in the diet from saturated fat increases.

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